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Bob Barker | How Robert Scoble, Technologist/Blogger/Videographer, uses social media

See on – Social Media and Technology Bob Barker interviews Robert Scoble the well know technologist and blogger about how he uses social media. Robert talks about “tuning his inbound” setting up his streams and gives tips on why people should use social media for business. See on Advertisements

Want to be (Facebook) liked?

See on – Social Media Effectiveness In this post Lilach Bullock shares how to get more likes on Facebook… Again Lilach spells it out in plain language… A valuable read for anyone playing in the Social Media Arena See on

Cut with Drag & Drop for MAC

See on – Digital Delights – Image Editing With “Cut with Drag & Drop” function you can “cut” by dragging and dropping your files/folders on the application icon. Operation is simple: – Drag the icon of your files/folders to be moved;– Then drag the destination folder. The application works as an auxiliary folder where […]

How to start a Social Media Campaign

See on – Social Media Effectiveness The essentials of starting and maintaining a successful social media campaign… +++++++++++++++++++ These are some powerful questions.   Where do you want your business to grow?What do you expect from the people?What is the time period when the objective should be achieved?Do you want to enhance your customer […]

Chicago creating home for startups, Emanuel tells Techweek crowd

See on – Social Media and Technology  Chicago should be known as much for its startups as its large corporate headquarters, Mayor Rahm Emanuel told a crowd of entrepreneurs on Friday. See on

The Art of Opening Social Conversations

See on – “Social Media” Are you unwittingly shutting the door on your customer social media conversations? Here’s a guide to help you find out! See on

Will Smith talking about his success mindset and personal development!

See on – The Secrets of Successful People Will Smith Will Smith talking about his success mindset and personal development! See on